Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Index cards revisited.

Thanks for all the suggestions about what to do with index cards after I complained about buying them because I'd heard they were useful, then didn't know what to do with the bally things. I don't actually know if any of the comments helped me, but I did have a revelation about them today. I looked at my whiteboard which is now covered with planning notes and realised I was running out of room. Right in the middle of the board is a very rough breakdown of one of the two main threads of the story, with a chapter number and two or three points about what will probably happen. Now I realise I can put all those points on index cards! And - dun dun dun DUNNN - I can add to them and scribble on them as the story becomes clearer. Hooray for index cards! Now my whiteboard can be free and blank again and I can draw a huge plan of the house the story is set so I can get straight in my head which room is where and which way it faces (and what the view from each window is).

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