Monday, June 23, 2008

About this blog.

The number of visitors to this blog has really jumped since I posted my list, and I knew I had to follow that up with something good. So I posted my four little lights, which also seems to have struck a chord. I can only presume that most of these visitors are writers themselves, doing the same thing I do, which is trawl around the internet looking at other writers' blogs, hoping to glean little insights into the process and take a voyeuristic look at someone else's writing life.

I love reading about others' novel writing process, especially when they get really honest about it and tell you all about that novel - the characters, themes, plot and motifs (Whiti Hereaka is most generous on that front) - but I can't quite bring myself to open myself up quite that much. Still, I hope that I am sharing enough to interest people, and who knows, maybe they'll buy my book if and when it finally comes out and go: "Oh, that's what she was banging on about." I think I win the prize for the most cryptic post about the content of my novel when I wrote about it here. (Incidentally, the serendipity has continued in a most spooky manner.)

I also love it when I hear how my friends' novels are going. It's not just polite interest. When my friend Sarah says she has finished the second draft of her novel, I want to know what kind of work she put into it and what the next phase will be - heavy editing? Minor tweaking? Or when my other friend Bianca says that she has had a major breakthrough and can now write the final chapter of her book, I need to know just what that breakthrough was and how she arrived at it.

So I guess this blog is about sharing the kind of information that I like to know, and I have said it many times before, but in such a solitary activity as writing, it's really exciting to know that others are going through the same thing, and find out how they're doing it. It's the next best thing to working in a busy office. (Ha!)


Anonymous said...

Hi Rachael - I would say more than four little lights, I'd say more like four lighthouses! Just nice to feel that someone else is having the same little epiphanies that are so difficult to describe to anyone else who is not a writer, a bit like describing the significance and meaning of a dream. Keep it coming...

ps - had a peek at your friend Sarah's site, with poem about Magpies/crows...have you seen it...? Kinda lovely.

pps - i think it is ok not to say too much, the process is the tricky bit and hence needs the support, casting a spell/ idea is one thing, gathering the far flung ingredients/support/writing it - another

Alis said...

I agree about blogging being the next best thing to working in a busy office. I've always likened it to water-cooler conversation. Of course, you do need to generate comments, otherwise you're just talking to yourself! Glad to see you have no problems on this account and very glad to have discovered your blog.

Vanda Symon said...

Thanks for your generosity with your thoughts and ideas on this blog, Rachael.

Jumping around people's blogs and sharing your own little bits and pieces in the comments is kind of like a virtual sorority or writing group. It's a great way to stave off the isolation of being a writer (not that I've been very isolated this week, with someone home sick every day for the last six days!)

I'm aiming to finish the first draft of the third novel by September. Gulp.

Rachael King said...

Gondal-girl: I hadn't read that poem by Sarah, you're right, it's lovely. She's a talented woman as you can see by her website. her book of short stories, Coming Up Roses is excellent.

Alis - thanks and welcome!

Vanda - I don't know how you do it. I was just talking to a colleague here at the univeristy who expressed surprise that I intend to have my novel finished by the end of my time here, and I just realised how crazy I am. I'm still going to try though!