Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Three Novellas for a Novel.

Announcing the latest book by Carl Shuker, winner of the prestigious Prize in Modern Letters and friend of mine: Three Novellas for a Novel. Available only for a limited time, and only online. Carl has made the bold and very modern move a la Radiohead of making his book available for however much the reader wants to pay for it. It consists of, as the title suggests, three novellas, the first of which, The Depleted Forest, is available now.

Carl is a fearless writer. He writes some of the most incredible prose I have ever read, unlike anything I can think of. He got the recognition he deserved when he won the Prize in Modern Letters for The Method Actors, because his books are not easy reads; they are challenging in their style, their subject matter, and their structure, and for this he will probably never be considered mainstream. The great thing is that this does not sway him - he continues to write the books he wants to write and probably always will. I think he might be a genius.

Please go and check out his latest work at http://www.threenovellasforanovel.com/.


Mary McCallum said...

looks bloody audacious to me

Anonymous said...

There's an admiring review of the first two novellas over at the Chicago Centre for Literature & Photography (www.cclapcenter.com/2008/06 : scroll down the June Archive).

It says, in part, that the book is "designed for the top one-percent of most intelligent, most educated, most erudite readers out there, those who are fatally bored with almost every single other book on the market...."