Wednesday, November 19, 2008

My musical and creative idol finally writes another novel.

I just heard, via Literary Minded, that Nick Cave has his second novel coming out (after And the Ass Saw the Angel, published in 1989) in 2009. The new one is called The Death of Bunny Munro, and here is what his publisher, Text, says about it:

'The Death of Bunny Munro delivers exactly what you want and expect from the enigmatic and phenomenally talented Nick Cave—a dark and compelling portrait of characters who dwell on the fringes of society and stumble through life on a diet of drugs, chaos and disappointment, but who'll never give up stumbling which is in part why they fascinate us so much. It's a funny yet tragic novel, proof all over again that Nick Cave is a writer out of the box. We cannot wait to publish this remarkable novel in Nick's native Australia where he is a revered icon.'
Michael Heyward, Publisher

I hope it doesn't take me 20 years to produce my second novel, but then again, I'm not a musical genius who has brought out countless albums and toured the world. I am looking forward to this novel greatly as Nick Cave (specifically, his music) has been a big influence on my life and my work, especially my current novel. You might not be able to see it, but it's there!


Kebabette said...

He's my dark star too, thanks for the big ups on the new novel. I read recently there is a new doco on the making of his wonderfully baroque "Murder ballads" too. But my favourite album is "The boatman's call". Sublime.

Anonymous said...

Did you or anyone you know read the other one?

Sarah Laing said...

and you can listen to nick talking about how he manages to fit novel-writing in with being an international musical phenomenon in sound opinions, episode #153. He's very blasé about it - makes me feel lazy!

LiteraryMinded said...

I'm so glad that I 'broke' this news for you! I've only recently become obsessed w NC & The Bad Seeds. Missed out in tickets to see them here. But WOW I can't wait for this book!!
Music is a huge influence on my fiction writing too.

Rachael King said...

kebabette - thanks for the link! I see the series also features the Triffids who I loved in the 80s.

Anon - I read the other one in the early 90s or thereabouts and loved it. It's pretty grim, kind of in the tradition of Southern Gothic (no surprises there). I liked it at the time but have no idea it woudl stand up now.

Sarah - thanks for the link, I'll check it out!

Rachael King said...

Lit minded - yes, thanks! I am showing my age by saying that I bought my first NC&TBS album in 1987 (Kicking Against the Pricks) and first saw them live in 1992 at the Brixton Academy. Their live shows are magic. I don't love all their albums, but the ones I love, I loooooove.