Friday, November 07, 2008

Transmission interrupted stop

here in portland stop wish I had a laptop as there seems to be no such thing as internet cafes all wireless for which you need your own computer stop hotel internet access $US5 per 15 minutes hence telegram stop having a great time and will report back if I can find a cheaper computer stop lots to tell exclamation mark


Andrea Eames said...

Will look forward to it stop take care stop smiley face stop

Ruth (Book Focus) said...

Hehe. Nice post. :)

Tomatohead said...

Don't know if you will see this in time, but these folks seem to have fairly cheap ($3 half hour) connections

Backspace 115 NW 5th Ave in Old Town Chinatown 503-248-2900.

Hope you are enjoying PDX. Stumptown Coffee has good espresso drinks.