Thursday, November 22, 2007

Terror or fiction?

In the wake of the "terror raids" in New Zealand and the evidence as reported in the Dominion Post, I thought this article by Hari Kunzru* in the Guardian ("Given the kind of titles I have on my bookshelves, the police raid could be coming any minute") was very interesting. Maybe what we have is just a bunch of novelists and film-makers discussing ideas?

*No I am not Hari's publicist - he just seems to have voiced one or two things I've been thinking about lately.

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Marianne said...

Well - you may be able to guess how much disdain I feel for over-zealous terrorist hunters.

I live in the middle of the mountains in Afghanistan, where someone has taken to throwing/firing explosives at our town regularly, and I am less afriad of the damned boogie-man than half the big strong men who work in these "anti-terror cells".