Monday, December 08, 2008

The Sound of Butterflies, the movie.

Alas, I am not making an announcement that Hollywood has come a-knocking (although surely it's only a matter of time?*). Instead I am drawing your attention to this little piece I wrote for My Book, The Movie, which is a website where authors talk about who they would like to see making the film of their book and who they would like to see cast in the starring roles. I had fun writing it, and it's great to read other authors' daydreams on the subject.

Now, any fellow-novelists out there like to share their dream cast? And perhaps readers would like to share their views on my picks? It's always interesting to see how different people imagine your characters.

(*For rights enquiries, please contact my agent)


Andrea Eames said...

What a great idea!

LiteraryMinded said...

Sam Neill as Jose Santos - brilliant! And Jude Law playing it dirty. I can definitely see everyone you mentioned in an adaptation :-)
And I also think it would make a great film - the contrast of silence and noise, the colours, the desires, drives and expectations - yes!


Rachael King said...

Yes, Sam with a big handlebar moustache and Jude with ruddy cheeks.

Andrea Eames said...

I have given you a blog award! I know they're a bit dorky, and this one is scarily blue and weird-looking, but you really do rock (as the award says). :) Details are on my blog.