Sunday, November 29, 2009

Serendipity revisited.

Way back in November 2007, I wrote this post. Go on, go and read it.

I can now do what I said at the end of that post ("I will have to revisit the post in a few years when the book is safely written and published and it will make rather a nice story, I think.").

So, here's that cryptic paragraph, with all the details for Magpie Hall inserted.

"While waiting for the order to arrive, I had the brainwave for my new novel, in no way related in subject matter to the five books I had just ordered. My protagonist (ROSEMARY) has a specific occupation (TAXIDERMIST) and in the novel, a certain object that I had never heard of before until very recently (A CABINET OF CURIOSITIES) plays a big part in the story. So the Amazon package arrives and I am happily reading the first novel when unexpectedly, what should turn up, unannounced, but a CABINET OF CURIOSITIES. The book delves right into the history of CABINETS OF CURIOSITIES and gives many prime and beautiful examples. That book finished, yesterday I randomly picked up the second in the pile of books and lo and behold the first page has the main character STUFFING THINGS. He is a TAXIDERMIST."

What fun.


THE WCBA said...

I loved Magpie Hall- I am recommending it to everyone. My 22 year old daughter is doing likewise- and it is not often our literary tastes collide. I use the little tattoo as a bookmark. Thanks for a great read Rachael.
cheers Fifi

Anonymous said...

don't you love serendipity - I have these experiences all the time - more so at the moment, but I don't know if that is sleep deprivation sharpening the senses like a mystic or a monk...!

Anonymous said...

I love moments like those, they snuck into my book as well this year.
I'm nominating Magpie Hall for our next book club read in Feb (but of course I'll have finished it before then hehe). Yay!

Rachael King said...

Thanks Fifi! Glad you both liked it and that you are telling people. Gladdens me old 'eart. Helen - I was thinking of joining your book club but maybe I'll have to wait! lol