Saturday, March 02, 2013

Happy NZ Book Month.

So it's March already, and that means it's New Zealand Book Month. Sure, I know it's now about all books, to get people reading and buying books, but if you do happen to acquire one of those nifty $5 off vouchers, how about spending it on a New Zealand book? You might even discover somebody new you like. Take a punt. All we need is for more people to read and talk about the books that are unique to this country and to banish the 'cultural cringe' surrounding New Zealand books. It worked for music - let's see if we can do the same for books.

There are lots of fantastic events happening around the country, which are about New Zealand authors. Authors reading, talking and answering questions and if any of them have any special talents, they will probably be on display as well. For more information, you can go the NZ Book Month website or specifically to the events page. 

I'm doing two events: the first is at the Shirley Library in Christchurch, Wednesday March 13 at 11.30, the second at South Library, Friday March 15 at 11.30. I'll be talking about Red Rocks, so it's a good one to bring the kids (ages about 8-12) to. I'll be talking about my inspiration for the story, reading an exciting chapter and answering any questions. I will not have any other special talents on display, sorry.

I hope to see you there.

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