Sunday, July 06, 2008

Sunday Salon - and navel gazing.

I am still reading The Gathering. Things have been a bit slow on the reading front this week as I have had a sick child to deal with.

So the book I'm choosing to talk about this week is a new book, of which I have just heard news, by Chris Else, called Gith. Chris was my mentor, through the New Zealand Society of Authors (click on Programmes and Services to find out about the mentor scheme and other useful services), when I wrote The Sound of Butterflies, and gave me lots of very wise and useful writing advice. He also has a blog, which has absolutely no navel-gazing whatsoever. Well, maybe just a bit. Not that there's anything wrong with navel-gazing (Chris, you might want to tell Amanda to avert her eyes more often).

Anyway, keep an eye out for it, I certainly will. Chris says the blurb describes it as ‘An unorthodox love story and a page-turning who-dunnit, written with heart and intelligence’, and I think it's a gorgeous, eye-catching cover, too.

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