Friday, October 30, 2009

My new website.

I have a new website! It's the same address as the old website but it has been completely overhauled and redesigned. Please visit to find out about me, The Sound of Butterflies and Magpie Hall, including excerpts, reviews, interviews and stories about how I came to write the books. It's also where I will post news relating to the books and events.

I am overjoyed at the way it has turned out, thanks to my talented web designers Sharon Blance and Brence Coghill. They have perfectly captured the visual essence of my work.

Oh, you might want the address. It's at


Rachel Fenton said...

Your new website is much friendlier than your old one (though I loved the monochrome butterflies), and the tattooed lady is amazing. It is visually very beautiful.

The Paradoxical Cat said...

That's an excellent website Rachael, congratulations! The photo of you is lovely (it looked fantastic in the Listener!)

Can't wait to read your new novel.

P xx

Pen said...

Love the site! You're right it is so ... well, YOU!

Unknown said...

A lovely clean site Rachael. My favourite page was the 'Background to 'Magpie Hall''. I always find it interesting to learn of the contextual history of novels, and the process of writing - which is why I read and listen to a lot of author interviews (BBC's online Bookclub is an excellent source).

Looking forward to picking up Magpie Hall soon.

Andrea Eames said...

The new website is gorgeous! I love the design.