Sunday, August 31, 2008

Spring has sprung.

Right on cue, first of September, first day of spring. And the weather is playing along. On campus this morning it even smells like spring - something to do with the new mulch they've put on the garden beds probably - and on the walk to the bus stop I waded through petals from trees overladen with spring buds. I even shrugged off my winter comfort/shabby clothes, put on a polka-dot scarf and red lipstick and did my hair (still with my usual work attire of jeans and Converse sneakers, but the result is more retro-glam than the slob I was becoming).

Welcome Spring!

But while we're welcoming some much-needed good weather, please spare a thought for those less fortunate. My friend Paula and her husband have had to abandon their home in New Orleans once again. Paula has just arrived in New Zealand, while Tom is driving through heavy traffic to St Louis, so they can't even be together to support each other. Meanwhile they are waiting to find out what Gustav does to their home and much-loved city. My thoughts are with them today.


Anonymous said...

And here in the UK there was just something about the light and the air yesterday morning that said very clearly that Autumn had arrived. Do you know the Elizabeth Jenning's poem that begins

"Now watch this Autumn that arrives with smells"?

That was exactly what was in my mind yesterday.

Rachael King said...

I think I love the smell of autumn even more than the smell of spring.