Wednesday, September 03, 2008


The Press Christchurch Writers festival has started. Just a reminder, if you are in Christchurch, the events I'll be appearing in are in the column to the left, under the big blue festival ad.

Chairing a session is a challenge - as the chair it is up to you to make the session run smoothly and to make it interesting. This means giving good introductions to the writers but not rambling on for too long, which sadly happens all too often at festivals. I hope I can get the balance right. I have certainly done my preparation - to the point that it has consumed everything else this week, and that's not to mention all the reading (which has luckily been enjoyable).

With four authors to read and interview in one hour I won't get to ask probing questions about their work, but I hope some interesting anecdotes will come out of it and that it will be an entertaining and informative hour.

As always with these festivals I'm looking forward to the parties and meeting fellow authors from far flung places - Kate Atkinson and Kate Mosse among them (I'm sure Robert Fisk is very interesting but what would we find to talk about?) - and catching up with my publishers and writer friends.

I shall report back next week.


Andrea Eames said...

You will be fantastic, I know. :) I will see you there.

Anonymous said...

One of the greatest chairs I've come across (but then he's also one of the great teachers too, so perhaps it's not surprising) is David Lodge. However, even he was almost floored by a poet, who had better remain nameless, who when asked of give a brief outline of his new book proceeded to read the longest poem in it (about twenty-five minutes worth) and ignored all suggestions that perhaps he was over stepping the mark. I hope you don't have him on your panels!

PS It was a lousy poem!

Unknown said...

This weekend?

I thought it was last weekend?

Rachael King said...

Mark - what, and you didn't come? Tsk.

Table Talk - that would be a nightmare. Thankfully, I think all my panel are sane.

Andrea, yes, see you there!

Mary McCallum said...

Good luck Rachael. I'm looking forward to being in Christchurch -- seeing its beautiful spring... and coming to your panel too, of course.

Esther said...

Really loved your talk on blogging, you looked very relaxed and confident!

Vanda Symon said...

You did a great job of chairing that panel, especially as one of your guests got fog bound at an airport and only arrived half way through! You didn't miss a beat, so well done.

Rachael King said...

Thanks surfergirl and Vanda.