Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Grumpy old woman moment #2.

I take the bus every morning to work and most evenings home again. There are only a couple of seats I can bear to sit in, and I'll tell you why. Buses these days seem to be plastered with advertising, or if not advertising, then some kind of decoration, which spreads up the side of the bus and over the windows. The decal stickers they use are sort of pixilated to let the light in and to allow passengers to see out. The trouble is that if you look through them, everything is blurred - it's like watching things move under water without goggles - and once the bus starts moving, it just makes you feel plain sea-sick. So I always try to choose a seat that has a clear view to the outside, otherwise I have to stare at something inside the bus for the whole 30 minute journey to settle my stomach.

Bah! Who had this bright idea? Clearly someone in an advertising agency who drives to work. Bah!


Anonymous said...

You make and excellent grumpy old woman! Bah indeed.

I'm so busy watching people and listening in to their conversations on the bus that I don't notice much else. What a terrible snoop!

Rachael King said...

I am a bad writer. I don't listen to people's conversations. I even wrote a post about how I don't! But I admit there was this one time when a couple of young guys in front of me started looking at pictures of buses on a digital camera and discussing them, zooming in on their numbers, writing things in a notebook. They were bus spotters! It was kind of fascinating. And yet utterly boring at the same time.

I prefer to listen to the conversations in my head. Bad writer. Not observational.